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Word Press Blogs

We set up and host WordPress blogs and websites.

Hosting plans geared to and grow with your needs.

Custom WP website setup or migration from another host.

Personal touch.


Web Hosting

Host your Word Press
website with us.

Looking for something between the cookie cutter host and the do-it-all-yourself host?

We will host and set up your WP site, do the IT stuff for you–or with a little bit of hand-holding.


Marketing Consulting

Consulting services to promote your blog, website, or app.

From promotions, such as Facebook pages, Twitter and Pinterest accounts; to branding plans; to competitive analysis for price points and product features; to advertising strategies; and business model selection; we cover the gamut of consulting needs.


Custom Graphics

Need a logo? Need icons? Avatars? Custom stock photos? Website headers and graphics?

From UI/UX design, to website graphics to app graphics, to ad copy, to fan art, to original characters, we can supply your custom graphics and artwork needs.


Blogs, Websites, and Webhosting

We combine our technological experience with our artistic backrounds to help you set up a WordPress blog or website, and host it for you, with a hosting plan designed for your needs.

Word Press set up and customization

Setting up a blog or website with ads you don’t cash in on is easy, but not what you really want. You want to look professional and support it with YOUR ad revenue.

Not everyone has the IT savvy to set up a host, install WP and customize. Nor wants to. You feel you could maintain it yourself, but need some personal hand holding and coaching to get you started, so you can focus on content.

That’s where we come in.  You tell us what you want, we set up your blog on your own URL, hosted by us. You can customize the install yourself, or we’ll just get you started, and we’ll train you how to maintain it.

We fill a void in blog website hosting needs.

From themes to plugins, from headers to contact forms, we get you started. We can even set up ads, such as Google adsense, where YOU earn the proceeds.  We can locate or create graphics (ref. our graphics dept). We walk you through additional customization and even how to post content.

We can even help teachers and other professionals set up websites, even if they are not hosted by us, or use Word Press. We also set up Facebook pages and other social media. 

Sometimes website setup is overwhelming and you just need a personal touch.

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Web hosting without all the hype

To set up a website, you need to buy a URL, then find a host.  Sometimes the registrars will host for you, or there are “cheap” hosts that sell shared space as long as they can advertise on your site. But maybe you want room to expand, want to earn your own ad revenue, but don’t want the constraints of these type of cheap webhosts.

You can also rent space at a big expensive host with no help and little transparency. Or you can find the latest buzzword host who dazzles you with more hosting space/bandwidth/CPU than you need, along with more cost than you need, nickel and diming you along the way, or imposing a long term committment to their “cheap” costs. 

We are none-of-the above. You tell us what you need, we set up a low cost hosting plan on our VPS. Then, as you grow, you pay the incremental costs to expand. We’ll even move you to your own Virtual Private Server if you grow that much!

Our target customer is a small blogger who is just starting out, who wants to earn some ad revenue, who has no interest in learning IT, but wants some control over basic website maintenance and tweaking.

We even will help you get started on the marketing so you can generate traffic to your site, something you won’t find on a typical webhost.

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Migrate your current blog or website

We don’t only do intitial set ups. If you have an existing website or Word Press blog, but you current host has gotten expensive, or you need to expand, or for whatever reason, you need a new host and you want some help, this is the place to be.

Testimonial from a website migration:
”…like a mom and pop shop compared to a large webhost “ – Alison from theiMums

Let us know what you’re looking for and even if it’s not something on our current menu, we’ll research it and find out how we can meet your needs.

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We also can set up your school-required websites, to your requirements.

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Marketing Consulting

Creative Web Outlets consulting services tackles marketing from all the angles.
From promotions, to product, to storefronts, to competitive pricing, we can help
market your blog, website, or app, from all perspectives.

From promotions, such as social media accounts and pages; to branding plans; to competitive analysis for price points and product features; to advertising strategies; and business model selection, we cover all aspects of marketing and product/website/blog promotion.

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Facebook Pages/Social Media

We set up Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts for promoting your website, app, blog, and brand.

Website and Mobile App Storefront Promotion

We create product websites to promote your apps and help you set up your moblie app storefronts, from descriptions to screenshots, to pricing and branding.

Advertising & Promotion

We can help promote your sites and apps with Adwords, AppStore ads, Facebook ads, Twitter promotions, print ads, video, and other online promotional opportunities.


We will coach you on how to promote your blog, or to blog to promote your product, not to mention help you set up advertising to monetize your blogging activities.

Competitive Analysis

We do thorough competitive product analyses to determine product features, price points, looking at direct and indirect competition.

Email Blasts and Newsletters

We design newsletters and email promotions, help set up and collect email opt-ins, and help distribute emails to interested customers promoting products and websites.

Marketing your Blog

After setting up your blog, we can help you market it.

Social Media account setups

– Facebook pages
– Twitter accounts
– Pinterest accounts
– Instagram accounts

We can provide any coaching or training on utilizing social media to promote your blog or website.

Advertising and PRomotion

– Press releases & Press Kits.
  We can help write and submit press releases for you,
  or point you in the right direction.  We also create digital press kits.
– Newsletters.
  We can set up a mailing list and design web-based newsletters
  and promos to send to your followers.
– Ad promos.
  From Google AdWords to Facebook ads, we can design and set up
  advertising to your website, blog, or pages.

We help you integrate social media and other promotions to drive traffic to your blog.


Mobile App Marketing

COMPLETE App store “shelf space” setup

We can set up your entire store front on the mobile app stores.
– Descriptions
– In-app descriptions
– Screenshot design
– Promo videos

Web promotion and support and social media

Mobile developers need websites, help pages, and Facebook pages to promote and support their apps. We can set up website companions, complete with help pages (we can help write the content), product promotion pages, companion blogs, and Facebook pages.

Promote with social media. We set up Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Competitive analysis

We can do an upfront competitive analysis to determine product feature set, price points, and business model.

Advertising and promotion

We setup for on mobile advertising
– AppStore Search Ads
– Google Adwords
– Facebook ads and other social media
– Custom in-app upsell promos
– and other advertising options, such as press releases, press kits, newsletters, and mailing lists.

We help you understand how to integrate all areas of marketing to promote your mobile apps.

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Graphic Design

From UI/UX design, to website graphics to app graphics, to ad copy, to fan art, to original characters,
our experienced team can supply your custom graphics and artwork needs.

Mobile UI/UX Design

15 years of experience working on mobile UI/UX design gives us a lot of insight on the process. We can design the flow of your app, using standard API’s, custom screens and provide graphics, backgrounds, and phtotography. We design from concept to finished product or anywhere in between.

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Website Graphics and Design

Our graphic designers can provide icons, headers, logos, textures, backgrounds, create custom stock photos, and any other graphics needs and design features for your website, blog or social media pages.

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Mobile Apps Graphics

Don’t need a full UI/UX design? We can provide icons, backgrounds, buttons, textures, and photographs for you mobile apps.

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Our designers can create custom logos for screen or print, design sets of icons, create custom avatars, and any piecemeal graphics for your needs.

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Ad Art/Ad Copy/eNewsletters

Our team can create beautiful enewsletter layouts, ad banners, and other ad copy and layouts for your advertisement needs .

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Misc Graphics Needs

Our artists can provide to you any type of graphic artwork you need.  From icons to original characters, to fan art, to caricatures, to custom layouts. Our experienced team members have a wide range of capabilities and talents.

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the iMums blog and review site

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Web hosting and WordPress migration by CWO

Recipe Manager iPad app and product website


App UX and graphics, product website design, icon design, webhosting by CWO

AK Tutoring Facebook page

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FB page setup, logo design, header design by CWO

Creative Algorithms apps, and marketing blog

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Where it all began. CWO designed app UX/UI, icons, graphics for mobile apps. Our marketing blog.

What Our Clients Say

Creative Web Outlets is a graphics and marketing team. Most of our marketing and graphics have been done in-house for the past 15 years for the Creative Algorithms brand. We have expanded to webhosting, website set up, and outside graphics and marketing consulting.

“Working with Creative Web Outlets is very different compared to other hosts that you can only live chat with or spend hours holding on the phone. Justine makes it simple to host your site and has been a huge help with some technical challenges when I had no idea where to start. She’s like a mom and pop shop compared to a large webhost.”

from the iMums

“With a simple Facebook page and a little marketing from Creative Web Outlets, I was able to get my tutoring side business up and running, with new clients coming in.

from AK Tutoring

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